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With excavation and repair Chelmer provide a service where we are sympathetic and understanding of the client needs in terms of potential noise and disruption. A full Risk Assessment is undertaken prior to the start of any works and we provide complete peace of mind with our highly experienced Operatives ensuring all works are successfully completed within agreed timescales.

Be it domestic, industrial or anything in between, the expertise of our Operatives having “Street Works License” and training, provides us with the qualifications needed to work with the Public Sector on the highways including road closures be it temporary or long term and even the provision of traffic management if required.

Ground movement, root infestation, subsidence and corrosion, can cause cracks and total collapse of drains and sewer pipes; leading to severe consequences. All our work is undertaken to meet British Standard requirements in both our workmanship and the materials we use.

We are also experienced with working on listed buildings and overcoming some of the unique problems they possess.

We carefully select our suppliers to ensure the materials we use will provide durability, reliability and ease of maintenance long after our works are complete.

In some circumstances the only way to resolve this problem is by excavation and replacement of the defective section of drain run.

Chelmer offer very competitive rates for all our drainage repair work.

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    Other Services

    Site Investigation

    Chelmer are proud to offer both Geotechnical and Environmental site-specific investigations using a wide range of specialist techniques, utilising our own plant and equipment with all works conforming to the relevant and current Standards.


    Chelmer established an ‘in-house’ testing Laboratory with the intent to provide a high quality service and turnaround time of test results that is second to none and that compliments the Site Investigation service.


    Offering a comprehensive range of interpretative reporting, the Consultancy has Geotechnical Engineers, Geo-Environmental Consultants, Environmental Geoscientists and Geologists.


    Chelmer can offer a wide range of detailed and efficient surveying services including full site topographical, movement monitoring, wall verticality and utility tracing surveys.

    Contamination and Remediation

    Remediation and regeneration of brownfield sites is becoming a key and essential service to enable the redevelopment of sites, especially within the housing sector. Chelmer can provide investigations to assess contaminated sites and can undertake the necessary remediation works to provide an end site suitable for redevelopment.

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