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Flood Risk Assessments

The ‘Planning Policy Statement 25 (PPS25)’ which was published in December 2006 outlines how during each stage of the planning process, flood risk should be considered so to reduce future risk of both damage to property and loss of life.

The Environment Agency must be consulted on any planning applications where flooding has been identified as a potential risk. Forms of flooding include the following;

  • Flooding from Rivers
  • Flooding from the Sea
  • Flooding from Land
  • Flooding from Groundwater
  • Flooding from Sewers
  • Flooding from Reservoirs, Canals and Other Artificial Sources

If the Environment Agency considers there to be a risk, a Flood Risk Assessment may be required during the planning application stage of any development.

As well as taking into account the risk of flooding to the site, a Flood Risk Assessment also considers the affect the development may have on flooding within the local area. It shall recommend how best to minimize the risk of flooding.

On those sites which have had a risk from flooding identified, the following would need to be sought;

  • Flooding mechanisms for each source
  • From each flood source, the flood level and flow record data should be reviewed
  • Impacts on upstream, downstream and on flood defences should be identified
  • Within the design of the development, what mitigation measures should be considered
  • Flow modelling may also be required

Please use the tool below to establish if there are any flood warnings within your area at present.

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