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Offering a comprehensive range of interpretative reporting, the Consultancy has Geotechnical Engineers, Geo-Environmental Consultants, Environmental Geoscientists, Engineering Technicians and Geologists.

As well as providing factual information to Consulting Engineers, Architects and Main Contractors from a single source the Consultancy offer interpretive reports on the ground conditions at any given site for subsequent foundation design and environmental assessment.

We can also provide a remediation strategy for contaminated sites, oversee the “clean-up” and provide a remediation certificate and report, fully supported by our insurance’s, in order to provide the owner/funder comfort with regard to future liabilities.

In addition, when required, the Consultancy can provide a comprehensive range of geotechnical design services. Our interpretive reporting capability typically includes settlement and bearing capacity design information, pile design, road pavement design and discussion of ground improvement techniques suitable to a specific site and proposed end use. In addition, the discussion can be lengthened, if necessary, to include slope stability analysis, comments on earthworks and excavations, and the hydrogeology of the site.

Reports can also be extended to include advice on remediation strategy for a site and include liaison with Statutory Authorities as necessary. Auxiliary services include landfill gas monitoring and site remediation project management. Slope stability analysis, comments on earthworks and excavations, and the hydrogeology of the site.

We can provide technical support to progress your planning applications, removing objections and conditions raised by planning authorities and the NHBC. Our Consultancy can also provide you with technical support through development feasibility potential environmental issues and master planning on large strategic development areas.

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